(composition) Electro Time Vol. 2, a library music collection published by Flipper Music

49065399_908287972703897_4544172860565880832_n (composition) soundtrack for the brand Papillon Blanc, FIFB fashion show, 18 November 2018, Brussels

1 (production) EP Kévin & The CrazyOdyssée

30772551_2123419934340694_61304325_o-600x400(composition) soundtrack for the Laudana fashion show, 26 May 2018, Brussels

copertina Franq-Anxious States - Copia (release) EP Franq – Anxious States (label: zimmer-records)

ZIMMER128_large (solo project) EP Franq – Common Ground (label: zimmer-records)

a0264174665_10 (keyboards) keyboards on Ypsos‘ song La Corde, from his album 10ème étage

1200x630bb (production) EP Kévin & The CrazyMystic Love

jaquette_dvd-CAGE-fr-web1 (arrangement) string arrangement for the song One Year Old for the movie My Life’s a Cage by Guillaume Corpard –

voices EP cover700 - Copia (solo project) EP Franq – Voices

forestbeats - Copia (solo project) EP Franq – Forest Beats